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Donate Supplies from one of our Wish Lists

Whether shopping locally or online, it’s easy to donate items from one of our wish lists.  Items on our general wish list can be purchased from any retailer and dropped off at the Adoption Center during open hours.  Items from our wish lists on and can be ordered and shipped directly to the Misty Eyes Adoption Center.

General Wish List



• Dry Kitten Food - Iams, Science Diet, Purina One, Pro Plan

• Canned Kitten Food - Any Variety

• Dry Adult Cat Food - Purina One, Iams, Science Diet, Pro Plan

• Jars of Chicken Baby Food

• Kitten Formula (the dry powder lasts the longest for us)

• Nutri-Cal Kitten Supplement



• Canned Senior Dog Food - Science Diet, Eukanuba, Pro Plan or Similar

• Durable Chew Toys - i.e. Busy Bones, Bully sticks, Nylabones, any Kong Toys, Antlers

• Spray Cheese (human grocery) & Peanut Butter for Kong Toys

• Training Treats 

• Martingale Collars 



• Trash Bags

• Paper Towels

• Odoban Cleaner

• White Copy Paper

• 2-Pocket Folders

• Stamps

• Bath Tissue (septic safe)

• Laundry Detergent

• Sandwich Bags

Due to your amazing generosity we have all the towels and sheets we need at this time.

Please consider donating these items to your local animal control. Thank you!

Online Wish Lists

Thank You!

Misty Eyes Wish List @

You can support Misty Eyes Animal Center when you shop at  Please take a look at our Amazon Wish List to send much needed supplies.

Misty Eyes Wish List @

You can support Misty Eyes Animal Center when you shop at  You can find our Wish List on by choosing GIVE BACK in the site menu.  Scroll down to DONATE TO A RESCUE and search for MISTY EYES ANIMAL CENTER.

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