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Dog Training @ Misty Eyes

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Meet the Trainers

LuAnn Keyton, KPACTP # 99380

LuAnn has been a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy since January of 2008.  She is also a STAR Puppy, Trick Dog, and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the AKC. 


Liz Stringer, KPA Student

Liz was accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy and is working toward her certification. She is a former Elementary Educator who has been dog training with LuAnn since 2019. 


Katie Fox, RVT

Katie has been a registered vet tech since 2016 with 10 years experience in veterinary medicine. She has a passion for animal behavior and training which lead her to working with LuAnn in 2022. 

Join a Class


STAR Puppy Class is held on Sundays at 2:30pm and 4:00pm. To join a puppy class please email Liz Stringer at for upcoming class information. 

Canine Good Manners is held on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays at 6:00pm.

Canine Good Citizens and/or Trick Dog Class are held on Saturdays at 4:00pm. 

To join one of these classes please email LuAnn Keyton at for upcoming class information. Please indicate which class and day of the week you prefer.


Dogs with Dog Walker

Positive Reinforcement Training 

We understand the history and use of punishments in training; however, science has proven positive reinforcement is more effective in every meaningful dimension.​  Positive reinforcement teaching techniques use non-confrontational methods of training to work a dog's brain. The focus is on rewarding positive behavior, establishing rituals and training actions that are i


Classes Offered

STAR Puppy Class (SPC)

Puppies 8 - 20 weeks old to ensure a confident, happy, well-socialized dog.

This is a comprehensive course covering puppy socialization, growth and development, basic training, problem-solving and problem prevention. This class concludes with the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Test and Certification. Your dog does NOT have to be an AKC registered dog to earn this award.


Most dog owners have no doubt heard about the importance of socializing their puppies. Proper socialization means providing positive experiences with as many new people, dogs and situations as possible. It's essential for developing a confident and well-adjusted adult dog that is comfortable with all life has to offer. Unfortunately, despite the significance, many people aren't providing enough socialization for their young canine companions. Playing with litter mates or other dogs in your household does not provide appropriate socializing to ensure a confident dog.  Only seeing people in your home does not ensure a dog that is confident and not reactive around other people.

Behaviors Covered

  • Sit                   

  • Down     

  • Touch (recall)

  • Watch Me    

  • Go to Mat

  • Stay                     

  • Loose Leash Walking 

  • Leave It

  • Drop It



K-9 Good Manners (CGM)

Dogs over 6 months of age to ensure a confident canine with necessary foundation behaviors. 


This class picks up where puppy class leaves off or can be the initial training program for an adult dog. It is never too late to begin training and build a strong relationship between you and your dog.  This class concludes with the AKC Virtual Home Manners test and certification.  If your dog is unable to perform all the skills in class on the test, you’ll be able to video those skills at home and submit the video.  

Behaviors Covered

  • Sit                   

  • Down     

  • Touch (recall)

  • Watch Me    

  • Go to Mat (adding distance work)

  • Stay (adding distractions and duration)                  

  • Loose Leash Walking 

  • Leave It

  • Drop It

  • Target Stick Work

  • Reaction to a Door Knock or Doorbell

Manners & Problem Resolution

  • Jumping

  • Nipping

  • Greeting People

  • Barking

  • Counter Surfing

  • Lunging at Other Dogs

Fun Stuff

  • Spin

  • Tunnels

  • Jumps

  • Press a button

  • Identify Blue from Yellow

  • Working with Food Puzzles

80001 (1).jpeg

AKC Trick Dog (TDC)

Dogs over 6 months of age with previous training or completion of CGM listed above. This class builds on your dog’s foundation behaviors in a fun way as you build your relationship as a team.


This class concludes with the AKC Trick Dog Test and Certification. Your dog does NOT have to be an AKC registered dog to earn this award. If your dog has already earned their AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, you may use 5 of those behaviors plus 5 more behaviors below.


Behaviors Covered

  • Balance Beam

  • Bark On Cue (“Speak”)

  • Crawl

  • Fetch it 

  • Find it 

  • Get Your ____ (toy, ball, bone, etc)

  • Get In Box

  • Sits In box

  • Get On Platform 

  • High Five 

  • Jump Through Hoop

  • Jump Over Obstacle 

  • Kennel Up

  • Kiss

  • Paws Up

  • Push-ups 

  • Shake 

  • Spin 

  • Tunnel 

  • More…




Classes are each 6 weeks/6 classes long unless otherwise specified by the trainer before class begins. Classes are typically 60-75 minutes long and held at Misty Eyes Animal Center. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit fee to hold your place in the class which goes toward your total payment for the course. The remainder of payment is not due until you arrive to class on the first week. 



                                                                       $150 - General Public 

​                                                                       $110 - Misty Eyes Foster Family Discount (for your personal pets)

​                                                                       $110 - New Adopters Discount (must sign up within 60 days of adoption from Misty Eyes)

​                                                                       $60 - 1 hour Private Lesson (in your home or needed location)


AKC K-9 Good Citizen (CGC)

Dogs over 6 months of age with previous training or completion of CGM listed above. This class gets your K9 team ready to certify excellent manners in public. This certificate is usually a prerequisite for therapy work.


This class is held outdoors, in public at nearby parks in Hendricks County. It concludes with the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and Certification. Your dog does NOT have to be an AKC registered dog to earn this award.


Behaviors Covered

  • Accepting Friendly Strangers

  • Sitting Politely For Petting

  • Appearance & Grooming

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Walking Nicely Through A Crowd

  • Sit & Down (on cue)

  • Stay

  • Calm Reaction To Other Dogs

  • Calm Reaction To Strangers

  • Supervised Separation Without Anxiety

  • Recall To Owner

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