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Surrendering Your Pet

It's a myth that most pets end up at shelters because they have behavior problems. The truth is, most pets are turned in to shelters because of changes in peoples lives, which means there are lots of great pets at shelters!

There are often alternatives to surrendering your pet to a shelter.  It is the goal of Misty Eyes to provide alternatives to such surrenders. If you think you may need to surrender your pet, please contact Cherie Fox, Director of Animal Operations, for helpful options.  (


Caution!  Please Read This Before You Rehome Your Pet.

Most people have the best of intentions when advertising a pet as “free to good home.” Giving any pet away, though, is misguided.  Con artists may convince you that they really want the pet, but then use the animal to “live train” fighting dogs, sell them at a flea market, sell them to dealers for research labs, use them for breeding stock in a puppy mill/backyard breeder, use as live food for exotic animals, or even just because they are sick people who want to abuse or kill animals.


Always ask a nominal rehoming fee. Check veterinarian references and personal references. Be honest…if you are rehoming due to behavioral issues, make sure the interested persons know about those issues. If at all possible, make sure the pet is spayed or neutered prior to rehoming.

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