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Volunteers donate precious time, skills, and expertise. You don’t need to be a trained professional to help - the desire to make a difference is all you need.


Please keep in mind that although we are an animal center all of our animals are in foster homes until the facility is complete.  Hands on volunteer opportunities with animals also include working with the public.  Please read the volunteer descriptions and learn how to get started below!  Please email with questions.

Current Openings

Foster Homes -  We have an urgent need for foster homes.   We know new foster families have a ton of questions and concerns!  Please email for information.

Community Engagement  - This team helps raise awareness and attends community events.  This team also works with the community and other nonprofits to give back. There is a little something for everyone.  

Impact Team  - This new team travels to underserved areas. We set up and teach humane education and kindness towards all living things in a fun and interactive way.  We also provide needed pet supplies.

Pets & People: Seniors - This team helps reduce owner surrenders and improves the quality of life for seniors and their pets.

Events Team - Help us plan events for Misty Eyes!

Reception Volunteers - Volunteer at our reception desk.  Light cleaning tasks assigned. 

GET STARTED!  The first step in becoming a volunteer is to fill out an online application.  Once we receive your application we will send you information about our new volunteer orientation. 

If you are 15 or younger and interested in getting involved please consider our Junior Program.  Details here.

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