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Animal Guardians - Community Outreach Program

At Misty Eyes we believe that education can solve many of the problems we see. Our Animal Guardians program will focus on reaching students in grades 3-6.   We provide a fun, engaging hands-on approach to teaching responsible pet ownership and kindness toward all living things. 


Chained/Outside Dogs

Careers with Animals 

Pet Overpopulation



Pet Safety

Kindness Toward all Living Things

Items Provided: (free of charge)

• Meal for Students & Families


Mobile Pet Food & Supply Pantry

Spay/Neuter Certificates

Kids Club Membership

Kids with Capes
Kids Drawing
careers with animals.jpg

Misty Eyes will provide the entire set up!  All we ask is that your community center or school provides the space and helps to get the word out about the event.  This program is designed for students in grades 3-6.  

If you would like to schedule this program or become a program sponsor or volunteer, please contact  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to empower young people and help animals.


This program is made possible with the support of:

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