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Our Future - The Excitement is Building

Not only do we rehabilitate and re-home animals in need, we also:


Provide several free educational programs for students and adults.

Offer mobile programs for those in underserved areas. 
Provide free pet food to homebound seniors with financial limitations.

We are 100% volunteer run.

Funds come from individual contributions, community support, fundraisers and grants.  

Phase Two, Kitty City - Coming Soon!

Capacity:  50 cats

Features:  Protected outdoor play area, 25 engaging cat suites, laundry room, medical exam room, quarantine room, maternity area.
Benefit:  This will allow us to save approximately 400 additional cats each year.

Notes:  View our architectural plans

  • Phase Three, Canine Country

  • Phase Four, Education Hall

  • Phase Five, Gardens


We can't do it without your support.  Please consider making a donation, leaving a legacy or becoming a volunteer!  Together we are changing the lives of animals and people in our community.

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