Misty Eyes is doing big things, and we could use your help!

Misty Eyes has continued to grow and expand since it was founded in 2011. Through our current and future efforts, we will be able to help more animals than ever before. While saving animals is our main focus, providing education on how to properly care for pets and prevent the overpopulation crisis will go a long way to keep animals safe and improve our communities.

If you have thought about volunteering, but have not taken that step yet, now is the perfect time! There is no need for you to already have all the skills needed for a position. We will train you! When you volunteer with us, you will quickly realize that it is about more than helping animals. You will also have the opportunity to learn new skills, improve your resume, and make new friends who share the same passion for animals that you do!

We have tons of opportunities for you to get involved, including some valuable leadership roles. The average leader in Misty Eyes averages about 12-30 hours per month, and one of the only requirements going in, is that you must be 18 or older. Here are a few of our openings:

  • Humane Education lead -- Misty Eyes offers several humane education courses for students in kindergarten up to adults. These include topics such as responsible pet ownership, safety around pets, history of cats/dogs, and more. The lead will need to set up humane education classes through schools, scout groups, and other organizations in the area. The lead will also be training presenters, researching topics, working in conjunction with the board, etc.

  • IMPACT program volunteers -- We are rolling out the new IMPACT program in a couple months. We will send teams out into communities with high needs to educate students and their families about our responsibilities to keep pets safe and healthy, how to fight overpopulation, and more. We need people willing to travel, set up and tear down, and work the booths, playing games with students at the carnival-style events.

  • Kids Club leads -- We are in the process of revamping our Junior Volunteers program, but in December, when we start up again, we will need volunteers willing to take the lead in our different age groups (grades K-2, 3-6, and 7-10). The Kids Club leads will be in charge of running meetings and leading activities for their chosen age groups, often collaborating with one another. (Note: We are still having our Sept. 16 meeting at 6:30 at the center, for all members, grades K-10.)

  • Fundraising Committee members -- The Misty Eyes Fundraising Committee is essential to everything Misty Eyes does. Members take on various duties, from letter writing and making phone calls to attending business meetings. You can choose a job that works for you.

  • Foster homes -- Misty Eyes is currently 100% foster-based, and more families willing to help out means more animal lives saved. Misty Eyes provides all food, supplies (litter, crates, toys, etc.), and medical care for our foster animals. All the foster families need to provide is lots of love, and maybe occasionally transportation to appointments or adoption events. Even if you work full-time and have other responsibilities, we work together to make sure all our animals’ needs are met. We are ALWAYS in need of more foster homes!

If any of these opportunities are calling out to you, or if you would like to come hear about other ways you may be able to help, sign up HERE for a volunteer orientation meeting. If you would like to know more or express interest in becoming a program lead, email Renee@MistyEyes.org.

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