Kitty City will soon be a reality at Misty Eyes

Misty Eyes Animal Center has grown by leaps and bounds since it was founded by Renee Harlor and Cherie Fox in 2011. A couple years ago, our administrative building (and temporary adoption center) was completed. With this first phase finished, we are ready to move on to Phase Two -- the construction of Kitty City!

Angelina is one of our current adult foster cats who is very sweet, and she is available for adoption.

Although Misty Eyes has been able to save thousands of cats and dogs, we have also had to turn away more than 2,500 animals, as we have simply not had the means to help them. Up to this point, we have been totally foster-based, so when our foster families’ homes are too full, we have no choice but to turn down some pets. Kitty City, and after that, Canine Country, will make it possible for us to save so many more lives!

Kitty City will be built behind the administrative building, on the Misty Eyes campus at 616 County Road 800 in Avon. The building has been designed to house up to 50 cats. They will not be in traditional cages like you would find at most shelters. Instead, they will have roomy suites where they have some personal space to sleep or play and climb.

In addition, Kitty City will include a protected outdoor area where the cats will be able to get some fresh air. Other features in Kitty City will be a laundry room, food prep area, medical

Theo is around three months old, and ready to be adopted by some lucky family.

exam room, quarantine room, and maternity area.

We are looking forward to having the capacity to help so many more animals in the near future, but we cannot do it without the help of volunteers and donations. Donors will have the opportunity to sponsor suites in Kitty City and have their names or business names displayed with their suite, along with choosing the colors for their suite to be painted.

This is just one way we have chosen to thank those who help us in our mission to save as many animals as we can. For more information about how you can donate, email or call 317-408-9202.

To learn more about Misty Eyes and our exciting future plans, visit the About Our Facility page of our website!

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