Junior Volunteers Splitting Into Three Age Groups... Come and Join Us!

Misty Eyes Animal Center’s Junior Volunteers program is splitting into three age groups! This means we will have room for even more students to join us in learning about animals and helping the community.

Through April, we had two JV groups -- one for kindergarten through fifth grade and another for sixth through tenth grades. We have decided to break down those age groups, and starting this month, our three groups will meet at the following times:

  • Third Monday of each month (First meeting is May 20.) -- JV grades 3-6

  • Third Thursday of each month (The next meeting is the fourth Thursday, this month only, so it will be May 23.) -- JV grades K-2

  • Fourth Tuesday of each month (The next meeting is May 28.) -- JV grades 7-10

Our JV programs have been growing over the past few months, and this will allow for more students to get involved. It will also make it possible for us to make our topics even more age appropriate by narrowing them down to just a few grades.

In May, the K-2 group and the grades 3-6 group will be learning about proper care of cats and meeting some kittens. The grades 7-10 group will finish working on our fundraising event and learn about the proper care of cats.

In June, all JV students are invited to attend a field trip to Nature Valley Ranch in Brownsburg on June 20 at 10 a.m. Those who wish to attend MUST register online. We will not be having our regular monthly meetings for June.

July and August topics will be announced soon for the K-2 and grades 3-6 groups. The grades 7-10 group will be working on a short animal rescue video at the July and August meetings.

For more information, email JV@MistyEyes.org, Lynn@MistyEyes.org, or Renee@MistyEyes.org

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