Ever wonder how you can help Misty Eyes make an impact?

In June 2017, I contacted Misty Eyes Animal Center, and my children and I began the fulfilling experience of being a pet foster family. We have (almost) never regretted one minute of it. As we got to know some of the other wonderful volunteers and became practically addicted to the high we get from fostering and helping lots of animals, we knew that we would like to be even more involved in the organization.

I am a mother, teacher, and lifelong pet owner, and consequently, children and animals are two of my biggest passions. I love how much Misty Eyes makes an effort to include children in the process of saving animal lives. Misty Eyes already runs a humane education program, in which volunteers visit schools to talk to students about how to properly care for pets, and a junior volunteer program for children in kindergarten through fifth grade who want to start making a positive difference for animals. Misty Eyes plans to start up a junior volunteer program for students in grades six through nine in the near future as well.

Perhaps the most exciting up and coming initiative, which I am proud to be a part of, is the Impact Program. We are in the process of forming a committee of volunteers who will educate children and families on subjects like chained and outside dogs, the importance of spaying and neutering, pet overpopulation issues, pet medical care, responsible pet ownership, and careers working with animals. We plan to do all of this, while following the Misty Eyes motto of “uniting pets and people to teach kindness toward all living things.”

We will be traveling to areas where there is the most need for this type of education. And, while our goal is to teach, we are also hoping to entertain. Therefore, we will plan learning activities that engage children in fun ways, through games, chances to win prizes, and stuffed dog adoptions with info care sheets, among others. We will also provide free food at these events and give useful information that participants can take home with them.

We are planning to target families with children in kindergarten through sixth grade, with the main focus being on fourth- through sixth-graders. Although we already have several great volunteers signed up, we still need more! Volunteers will only be asked to dedicate about four hours a month to the Impact Program, and to meet on the first Wednesday of every other month.

If you are interested in helping with the Impact Program, you can visit www.mistyeyes.org/impact-program and follow the link to sign up for our first meeting. If you want more info, you can email Misty Eyes Co-Founder Renee Harlor at Renee@MistyEyes.org or me at Lynn@MistyEyes.org.

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